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Title ID Platform Mission T-Count Type Complications Disguises Methods Author
Premium Bohemian 2-03-0052896-99 PS Sapienza(main) 5 Freeform- Do Not Get Spotted-No Recordings- Specific(Bohemian) Poison-Explosion Accident- Mully24cpm

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Brief Description: Eliminate 5 gardeners via explosion accidents and poison in the Bohemian disguise. Briefing: Our client was growing a new strain of “primo bud”, named premium bohemian, in the Sapienza ruins. Unfortunately, when it came time to harvest their creation, they discovered the gardeners of Villa Caruso had ripped out their weed like it was a common weed thus destroying their creation. Our client had planned to extract revenge themselves but got “a little high” and so has asked that you handle things. Good Luck 47.


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